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Welcome to our website, dear visitor. We sincerely appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule for us. I am glad to see that you are interested in learning more about Nyabikoni Secondary School. There is no question that learning more about us will be a good decision.

The goal of Nyabikoni Secondary School is to provide a holistic education, or generating people who are intellectually strong, physically healthy, socially balanced, and God-fearing. By emphasizing academics and extracurricular activities, this is achieved. I have to admit that I am honored to be affiliated with Nyabikoni Secondary School, an institution whose mission is "To produce competent human resources to serve the church, state, and world." We try our hardest to make our dream a reality and not only talk about it; we actually put our vision into action.

In my capacity as head teacher, I must state that, despite our ardent interest in academics, we have also committed ourselves to learning activities outside of the classroom and, of course, we haven't forgotten about the welfare of every community member. It is significant to note that several offices have been established at all levels, from the head teacher's office to the students’ leaders, to ensure the efficient operation of extracurricular activities. The school has a teacher in charge of overseeing all extracurricular activities, a games master, club patrons, and patrons of various religious movements.

At the student level, there are prefects in charge of sports and extracurricular activities as well as student executives of various clubs and religious movements. With this leadership structure, Nyabikoni Secondary School has excelled in in both academics and co-curricular activities.

The community's spiritual well-being is an additional factor we take into account. The success and development of Nyabikoni Secondary School is based on this conviction. “The fear of the LORD—that is wisdom, and to shun evil is understanding.” Job 28.28. We consider it a blessing to have a full-time chaplain and catechist, who coordinate and facilitate our spiritual life and activities.

Permit me to once more convey my sincere gratitude to you, dear visitor, for taking the time to learn more about Nyabikoni Secondary School. You certainly give us more character because of your awareness of us. I wish you well.

Turyasiima Elly

Head Teacher.