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Our School Clubs

The school has developed a number of clubs which have helped the students develop different skills in their community.

ICT Club
To provide a platform for ICT students to share, innovate and enable world standard research, and learning ICT in the school.

A vibrant Club in which learners find a sense of belonging and actively participate in activities that enhance learning ICT and Computer Studies in the school

Interact club
This is a club for young people who want to join and tackle issues in their community together. It is also fun. 
  • Develop leadership skills
  • To make internationals connections
  • To help others
  • To carry out hands on service projects

  • To introduce young people to Jesus Christ which helps them develop their bodies, mind and spirit.
  • To provide opportunities for development of leadership by encouraging club members working together and sharing responsibilities of leadership.
  • Take care of all necessary aspects physically, socially, intellectual and spiritual.

  • To help the young generation to enjoy the natural world
  • Create students’ awareness on how human activities balance with the wildlife
  • Helps students to learn how to conserve and manage wildlife.
  • The club helps the students to get knowledge about wildlife resources.

  • Educate students of the steps that can be taken to improve our environment
  • Motivates students on how to keep their surroundings green and clean
  • Increase awareness of the relations ship between human actions and the environment.

Rule of law
  • They want the students to know the law within the surroundings.
  • To be educated about the justice system in Uganda.
  • To know about the profession of lawyers
  • How lawyers conduct their business in courts of law
  • How judiciary is organized and how it conducts its business
  • How law and order is maintained in society
  • To learn about the importance of the different courts of law.

Patriotic club 
  • Helping learners to know the background of their country
  • To love their country
  • To protect and defend the country from any evil attack
  • The teachers and learners getting committed to national services

Writer’s club 
  • Helps students to learn and practice English
  • Enhances the knowledge of reading and writing
  • Helps build a writing culture for the school

  • To provide more information about the global affairs
  • Helps students top learn and practice English
  • To provide training grounds for the development of students’ communicative skills.
  • Helps in the interaction with both local and international schools through the debating competitions

Our School Clubs